The Psyche of the Individual

The Psyche of the Individual
Ruthless Selfishness Revisitied Once Again

 while the whole human sensory apparatus
was reflecting the universe
that was god
- original insight -

but as the reflection became more clear and more powerful
it manifest the self
an essential component of language and cultural transmission
the human brain began to reflect
rather than the whole universe
its own stored images
- itself - 
that's self consciousness
- the fall from grace -
creating a symbol for god
which became more important than the real thing
allowing thought to flourish at the expense of vital human tissues
- flesh, blood, and bone -

self consciousness
that was the fall from grace
- the forbidden fruit -

the first division of percepton
(between 'me' and the world)
opened pandora's box
and the demons it released are
every self aggrandizing scheme we pursue

by dividing our consciousness
we were able to view ourselves
as a separate entity
central to a world of things and events

when we ordered thought through language
we set in motion
virtually in perpetuity
a machine of constant progression
- the self -

the structure of thought
is ordered by syntax

in order to communicate any significant concept
we pretty much have to follow that rule
or a variation thereof

that gets us on the road of cause and effect
which leads to science and technology

the earliest science was probably 'god'
of some form or another
an explanation in search of a question
cause god can answer 'em all

... or so it would appear ,,,

it is apparent that an intelligence
a universal mind
a wholeness beyond our comprehension
brought forth the universe
Earth and man

universe evolves energy evolves matter evolves
Earth, DNA, man, thought, and our common mind
manifest as our planetary community

note the progression
from static
galaxies, stars, planets
last a long time
to dynamic
fast, furious, ephemeral
human life
the wink of an eye

it's that durn progression
- you know -
the one that starts with the big bang
something had to kick it off
and something determined it would follow
a certain course, plan, program
the laws of nature
- this is apparent -

equally apparent
is the fact that this 'something'
we can never actually know
at least not within those same laws of physics and nature

thought cannot contain a whole perception
if it could then we could reproduce it
write it down and pass it around

which is, basically, what the poets, priests, and politicians
lay claim to
but it's ok to try
so long as you don't lie
and there's the rub
the truth is the same for everyboly
at least it is for all human beings living on planet Earth

what is truth
is what we may observe with all our senses
- that -
ourselves, our world, and our universe
- is -
a direct, immediate manifestation of that unknowable 'something'

when we store that perception in our brain
as memory
it becomes an aspect of the self
and the symbol becomes more important
than the actuality to which it refers
because thought produces a gross satisfaction
that pure perception may obliterate

Immediate direct perception
may demand an action
that is painful
- a sacrifice -
a sacrifice of the self

 it's the light of pure perception
that exposes the entire structure of thought
as built on fear
- god, tribe, property -

intelligence knows no god, tribe, or property

clear, clean perception
reveals the essence of thought
as fear

... remember? ...
it's part of that same progression
- replicator - animal - human - thought
ya know?
all geared to the same thing
- survival -
to the max
ya know what I'm sayin?
the fear of death
the primordial motivation of life
the most ancient memory
that guides our existence

 kinda like sayin 'god'
except comin round from the other side
like a dog chasin its tail
there is no end to speculatin bout god
it's just as enlightening to talk about science fiction
the one extrapolates backword in time
the other extrapolates forward in time

clear, clean, direct, and immediate
- perception -
pure and simple
demands an action that is painful
the sacrifice of the self/god polarity

god ranks second only to me, myself, and I
as the most successful
replication of thought
with property coming in a close third

because god goes beyond death
here and now
- in our imagination -
while the self lives on
- actually -
(the fragmented self of our common mind)
in each of us
and our children
and our children's children 

  culture - the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends on man's capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generationns and/or the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group 

to paraphrase webster's

  cultural selection - the cultural process that results in the survival of ideas or belief systems best adjusted to the conditions under which they replicate and that is equally important for the perpetuation of biologically and psychologically gratifying information and the elimination of biologically detrimental and psychologically painful information as it is produced by human experience and variations in neural firing patterns

thought and behavior
- prescribed by culture -
which produces better life 
spreads through humanity
and across generations

for primitive man
'better life'
was the same
individually and collectively

successful cultural information
knowledge and technique
rituals, occupations, and pastimes
produced results
essentially equal for everybody

what was good for the individual was good for the tribe
what was good for the tribe was good for the individual
for 95% of human history

as the cultural revolutions occur
- agricultural / industrial / technological -
the surplus survival success
- material abundance -
feeds the selfish
who form structures of power
based on techniques and technologies
wielded by authority

the authority and the technology
become more important than people

knowledge and raw materials
take precedence over human life

because fear motivates the most selfish 
to wield power
recklessly and ruthlessly
in pursuit of
the ultimate pleasure

fear spreads
and the selfish prosper
at the expense of 
and the common woman and man
because intelligence is aware
that the price of pleasure is pain

intelligence and fear can't occupy the same space
subvert and subdue intelligence
and fear is free to reign

intelligence guides the universe
but the fear of death
guides man
- it's hardwired into our body and brain -
some very few
bave accessed intelligence
and lived their lives that way
but the 'self' still rules our common mind

 ME, MYSELF, and I

the most successful replication of thought

Am the Center of the Universe

a genetic survival mechanism of the human braim
a biologically inherited machine of division

The Initiator of Human Behavior
- (don't hide your eyes) -
because of 'me'

I am the highest form of memory that molds matter

I am the fear of death
made manifest
in the human brain. 

  To ensure a high probability that I will survive, I have distinguished myself - of all that touches my senses - as being of the highest order. All 'others' are subordinate to 'me'. "I want what I want when I want it" is my prime directive. How my actions affect the world around me is of no importance unless they directly, immediately benefit me. I want all the best life has to offer - food, sex, and shelter - of only the highest quality.
  To this end I ruthlessly seek power in whatever form available that best suits the purpose of my survival to the maximum potential. Intimidation and violence are my first and foremost, swiftest and surest tools for gaining power. To gain power over a stronger opponent, knowledge is the key. My lust for power has used knowledge to create the ability to destroy the whole of human civilization in half an hour through the use of nuclear weapons. None has a greater power than this. For, of the whole of life, I, alone, am most worthy of life, the genetic survival mechanism of the human brain, the most highly evolved creature in the chain of evolution - me.
  But wait. There seems to be more than one 'me' runnin round here, over 7 billion more as a matter of fact. All are survival machines. All seek to better ensure their survival by whatever means are necessary as far as their knowledge and opportunity take them. All are me.
  Ok, so we don't all have the ability to reach out and initiate armageddon. Nor are we all mass murderers or rapists or child abusers, corporate executives, preachers, or politicians. But by accepting the present world disorder, we create the conditions in which brutality and tyranny thrive.
  When I call myself an american or russian or african, christian, muslim, or buddhist, communist or libertarian, nazi or democrat, I am perpetrating the division and conflict of the world - racial, national, religious, economic, and political - the stuff world wars are fought over - ideas, beliefs, and words. There are those willing to die or sacrifice others to defend their concepts of god, tribe, or property.
  When I send my children to public schools to be indoctrinated by the state, I am smothering the spark of intelligence before the flames of awareness, truth, and discontent become an inferno that engulfs the false values of a corrupt society.
  When I participate in conversations of rumor, gossip, and prejudice, I am spreading a poison to contaminate all our human relations. When I don't stand up and speak out against prejudice, ignorance, and injustice them I am a participant in a global crime in progress. Future generations will look back at us and say "How could they have let that happen?" - as we do when we look back at slavery and other holocausts.
  This is the common mind we all share. It is dominated by a single thought - me. All thinking is subordinate to 'I'. Each person's 'I' is only slightly, superficially different, colored by particular memories, cultures, climate, food, geography, family, but essentially, each is the same origin - the fear of death. Thought has created a static, permanent entity in a universe where nothing percieved by the senses is actually static or permanent. 

another interlude

the live of woman and man
revolves less than a hundred times
round the sun

human thought
in the wink of an eye

- perception -
the speed of light

and gone again as if they had never been


- our whole planetary community -
not only are we connected psychologically via our common mind
- the human brain -
we are now connected physically via technology
not only may i see and hear instantly anywhere on the planet
i may also be seen and heard
not only may i instantly access all information available anytime anywhere
i may also actually physically appear at any site on the globe within a day

it's like intelligence
- the spirit of god -
the universal mind
is reachin round
from behind us
tappin us on the shoulder
and sayin
"Hey Bud, check it out, I'm right here, lookin thru your eyes."

when we become
wholly conscious
then we'll be
wholly conscious
of each other
- everybody at once -
this is it
here and now


through perception, logic, and memory
knowledge and technique accumulated
providing a vast amount of survival success
and psychological satisfaction

all of what was feared
the unknown
and ultimately uncontrollable
- death -
was deferred to god
of some form or another

so what we know
are the things
thought thinks about
and what we don't know
is god

the more we know
the more thought thinks about
the more we divide the world
till we can damn near pick it apart and put it back together
but today we are collectivelly more savage that any animal that ever existed
with super computers
to do our thinking
high tech weapons
that kill multitudes from great distances
machines that run, swim, and fly
to a degree no biological entity will ever hope to achieve
a capacity and seeming predilection
for genocides and mass infanticides and world wide wars

today thought is more powerful
than it ever has been before
and the world
is in a more precarious position
than it ever has been before

- intelligence -
the ability to learn or understand
or to deal with new or trying situations

thought is not intelligent in itself
thought is an extension
of the animal instinct
a biological psychic reaction

simple observation is intelligence
is lined up directly
with the universal mind
- the spirit of god -

intelligence may utilize thought out of necessity
cause thought is the most powerful tool we possess

but thought 
left unattended by observation
feeds on itself
through human lives and events
and grows into a whirlwind of destruction


thought is the ultimate tool
for manipulating the world
physical and psychological gratification

the tool that bore all tools
creates an effect
a chain reaction
of human thought and behavior
immediately and through generations
and establishes itself as authority
a force violent
in cause and effect
which rules the world

the vehicle of thought's influence is culture
psychological archetypes
replicating and variegating
through our common min
and human behavior
across the planet and over time