Who knows?

Up 'til now, i've told few people i wrote a book. The few people i have told always immediately ask "whats it about?" and believe it or not i have always been at a loss for words when faced with the question. My mind goes into a daze and i'm thinkin' "its 'bout everything". A whole panorama of thoughts/images/emotions flash across my mind. Its about the joy of awakening in the morning ready to attack the day, its 'bout the Earth, the sun and the blue ocean sky, the trees and green grass, the mountains and the valleys, rivers and lakes, its 'bout the whole universe, the river of stars strewn across the void, god and the devil, masters and slaves, its 'bout love, sex, hunger, war, and pain. Its about desire. Its about freedom. Its about women and children, the human child because its the most wondrous jewel in the known universe and the woman because the only way a child enters the world is through the body of a woman. Its about the warrior spirit. Its about the origin of fear, ending fear, and its about death.

How to change the world

Specifically, its about how the world of man's creation came to be so corrupt, destructive, and out of control. Its about the single most corrosive factor in our global civilization and what to do about it. Its about the next phase of human evolution. Its about the human being who will survive the collapse and create a good society. Its about taking a proactive stance and not waiting for circumstances to overwhelm us.

Maddbluntz and The Infinit Yes

I must acknowledge my primary influences. Alan Watts, J Krishnamurti, David Bohm, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Bucky Fuller, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennet all been stewin' in my brain for a long time, long enough for 'em to cook up inta book i wrote. An artifact that appears to me to stand on its own and is significant to the moment. While the internet been splodin' i been otherwise occupied. Now i wakin' up to the next level. So i find my influences being enhanced by the next phase of evolution - Maddbluntz and the Infinit Yes - among others like Zeitgeist and the Venus Project and many more.