The Color of God and Substance Thereof


The Revolutioary Act of Doing Nothing


Polarity and Paradox
-containing the contradiction without conflict-

  "Whenever a number of like items are grouped together, a small percent of them will account for almost all of the groups significance."

Vilfredo Pareto

  "Men first feel necessity, then look for utility, next attend to comfort, still later amuse themselves with pleasure, then grow dissolute in luxury, and finally go mad and waste their substance."

Giambattista Vico

  "Politicians ... may reiterate a thousand times that the basis of the new world order must be universal respect for human rights, but it will mean nothing as long as this imperative does not derive from the respect of the miracle of being, the miracle of the universe, the miracle of nature, the miracle of our own existence. Only someone who submits the the authority of the universal order can genuinely value himself and his neighbors, and thus honor their rights as well."

Vaclav Havel

as that old indian philosopher once said
"The no-mind no-thinks no-thoughts about no-things."

-the true individual is our common mind undivided-

on the substance of intelligence
the matter of belief
the fact of death 


our responsibility

 When I send my children to school, essentially handing them over to strangers who have free reign to mold their minds, I am unequivocally involved in our system of indoctrination into the power's structure. When I go to the grocery store and buy over processed and chemically laden food to eat and feed my family I am irrevocably involved with the petrochemical industry and the corporate run farms. When I pay my taxes to fund covert wars overseas, I share responsibility for decimating members of my human family. When I vote in an election I am supporting the corruption perpetrated by our public officials, the pawns of the military industrial complex. When I pay my utility bills and buy gas for my car I am raping and poisoning the Earth hand in hand with the energy corporations.
  The whole business is like the persecution of the Jews under Hitler and we say "How could the German citizens let that happen?" And I say how is it that we can create this god forsaken world every day? We create with our thought and behavior.
  The individual is not separate from society, nor does society exist other than as the collective individual. We are fearful, confused human beings living in a diseased, deteriorating world. The disease and division originate in the replication of thought in human brain cells. The most successful replications of thought are the self, god, property, and the whole of technique. 

the matter of belief

  The self is the most common and the most powerful divider of the person and the world. Next in power and position is god. God goes deeper in the mind than property. Rich and poor alike will worship the same god, and go to war allied against other believers of other gods. Much more rarely do the poor band together against the rich, even while the rich are already banded together against the poor.
   It is the conditioning of our minds to accept the god of whatever culture we may have found ourselves in that sets the stage for the imposition of authority. A conditioning so thorough that we find it hard to accept others of not the same belief. Once we have allowed our mind to accept as true, something that is absolutely undetectable, not subject to proof, and utterly superstitious- then we have opened the door for authority to step in and implant the thoughts that it sees as fit for its own survival. The thought that authority sees fit to enforce is the concept of property.

belief is a process of thought
-a particular neural firing pattern in the brain-
thus it is subject to matter

and all matter
is born of the stellar dust
created by the big bang

and of what does this stardust
 -out of which was created the human being-

... nothing ...

  Modern science tells us the universe is created out of nothing. There is no particular substance to the essence of matter.
  You may have heard of something called an atom, which consists of a nucleus of protons and neutrons orbited by electrons. The atom was supposed to be the building block out of which was made all that we perceive.
  First consider the size of an atom. Imagine the head of a pin. Now imagine the head of a pin - hollow - the size of planet Earth - filled with golf balls. The number of golf balls that it would take to fill the Earth is the number of atoms in the head of a pin.
  Now consider the main ingredient of an atom - empty space. Imagine a hollow steel ball the size of a hot air balloon. If it were a single atom, the nucleus in the center would be the size of a grain of sand, vibrating at velocities that approach the speed of light, while the shell would be created by orbiting electrons the size of fine dust particles.

 looking outwardly
through space to the stars
and inwardly to the atom
we see the universe
consists of 99.9% empty space
and all that we see is alive
permeated with an intense energy

but scientists probing the inside of atoms now say
that even the protons, neutrons, and electrons
are not things but events 
which show only tendencies to exist
are actually relationships between patterns of energy
that space and time and all that they encompass are not separate
but form an unbroken wholeness

who are only extremely complicated
highly ordered combinations
of the same stardust
are nothing

close your eyes
come on now
just close your eyes
for 3 full seconds

that's it

that moment
when you focused
on the visually aspect
of closed eyes

shifting patterns of light and color
against a deep, vibrant background
of velvet black

go ahead
take another look

that's the void in which the universe appears
that's right
the very same one that is the night sky

that's the universe
inward and outward
you know
when you close your eyes
or you're really tryin' to figure somethin' out
that's on the inside

the outside
... well ...
that's everything that touches your senses
everything you see, and all you hear, and everything you touch, taste, and smell
that's the whole perception
... hmmm ...
now where does all that come together?
now I remember
-on the inside-
in the brain
the focal point of the whole sensory apparatus

the universe
an infinitely vast void
the ground of being

with exploding flashes
of spacetime energy fluctuations
we call matter

the void
dark and infinite
what we came out of
where we're goin to

that's our

and she is black


its all that jumpin' around and talkin' shit and clashin' tryin to outshine
for all the attention
and gettin' really radical
building immensely powerful contraptions exceedingly dangerous
and fightin'
and stealin'
and an infinite immaturity

that's like the male/positive principle
as opposed to female/negative principle

its the male that's forever growin' hard and strong
and pushin' ever forward
steady tryin' ta start somethin'

and wouldn't none of that be happenin'
if the female had not already been there
watching and waiting

that's what man's been tryin' to do. figure it all out while eating up every part of the world possible. and the self grows. that's what makes the world small. figurin' it all out - the technique - makes the world small by makin' survivial supremely successful thus the population explosion plus technology makes possible instant access to everything on the planet and the potential to create anything. and as is its nature - to survive to the max - the self has gone wild - consuming the environment in a process of destruction, poison, and waste, same way on the inside. close your eyes again except this time close them for 15 seconds. if you will pay attention you will notice that all of a sudden, without your volition or your full awareness that vast space was suddenly filled with thought - a waste of our substance ...
don't have to worry 'bout what man's gonna do anyway, she's the eternal black, he's just a flash. man may eat up the world but he'll never finish eatin' the goddess - the substance of the universe - because she's no thing - she's the void of our common consciousness. she's not thought she's perception. she's the death of the self. the self is born of the fear of death, remember? the primordial memory - replication 


it's that polarity again
ya know
where one has no meaning except in relation to the other

if the male/positive principle
-the spur to creation-
matter replicating
is the spark of life
then the eternal origin of the universe
-the source of all-
is out of death
-after all, where were you before you were born?-
that's the female/negative principle
the vast black
silent space
that contains
and allows
the infinite potential
of all that is possible
-that's our common consciousness

that's our conciousness in common
that's right
the same one you glimpsed
when you first closed your eyes
the same one that is the night sky

the ground of being
-the source of all-
the universal substance
sub - means underneath -
stance - means to stand
-to stand underneath-
to understand is
-the substance of the universe-
a silent perception

-that's death-
the self
having served its purpose of survival
gives way
to nature
-the universal order- 

what can i say?
it's what the essence of the universe finally comes down to
it's where everybody meets
that's ok
it's not part of the illusion
it's where everything becomes real
what it is
in truth
no thing

it's what makes life
whole and vital

knowing not death we know not life

and that's 'cause it's a subject we mention even more rarely than
the condition of the world and our relationship to it
or our responsibility

probably 'cause they're all related
I'd say so
I'd say that the self
-the spearhead of thought-
absolutely refuses death
and that's the essence of ignorance
-to ignore-
but then, thought is not perception anyway

our life cannot be whole
without an immediate, intense, and intimate
awareness of death

death automatically puts our life in perspective
-where pure perception is, the self is not-
without pure perception
the self is all and everything
operating our body, mind, and life
and runnin' the world man has created
-this living hell-

death is the background
against which the self may be observed
-in it's proper perspective-


just close your eyes
and take a look
that's right
death/responsibility/the world
those three are closely related

at one end of the spectrum
the negative polarity
our common consciousness
the ground from which thought arises
-yeah, right there behind your eyes-
the womb out of which life is born
the vast black in which stars explode
the spacetime continuum
out of which matter and energy emerge

mater, mother, matter, material
it's all the same
the whole world
the other end of the spectrum
the positive polarity
the power or act of seeing into a situation

and in between
life and death
is the world
-our responsibility-
the self

responsible means:
liable to be called on to answer
liable to be called to account as the primary cause, motive, or agent

the world emerges out of the universe, replicators grow out of the planet
perception arises with consciousness, and thought is generated by the brain

perception ends thought - the flame of insight burns away the self
leaving only the scientific method - technology

and that's the demand, the responsibility of the individual
to clear out and clean her or his consciousness
through simple observation
to burn away what is false


the significance of the individual is planetary
our world is a creation of our mind
the inward and the outward
they're both the same

we have yet to observe
immediately, intensely, and intimately
the workings of our own mind
-we lack insight-
the inward we ignore
forces itself outwardly
into our consciousness
through fear and violence
and the divisions of the world
by the self, god, and property

the action of the individual is
'cause gettin' yourself together
-and your house, and your neighborhood, and your whole community-
and cleanin' up the whole world
it's all the same
your life
your part of the world