Who is Syndax Vuzz?
Syndax Vuzz is not an expert in any recognized field of study.

After one year of college and seven years traveling the states from California to Florida working farms, factories, machine shops, warehouse, construction and the oil fields Vuzz settled down to over a quarter century of providing for a family on the wages of a common laborer.

All the while, one burning obsession possessed his mind- revolution, both psychological and social- how to live a free, creative, righteous life in the middle of the cutthroat competition of the urban consumer economy.

The voice of Syndax Vuzz carries the weight and authority of the common man, the mass of humanity and speaks for those in pain.

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Hype - ... stimulate, enliven ... increase ... to promote or publicize extravagantly ...

My book and the life and the world that produced it were pre-internet. So, if you think things are muffed up now, what if all you knew was broadcast tv and the folks you hang out with?

My intention was to create a document that addressed the most important issues in life, issues that i thought were either unknown by the majority of folks or were deemed irrelevant or insignificant by them. This includes my family, friends, co-workers and the public in general.

But most of all i wanted to make a formal declaration for my children, a reference point for them that they wouldn't find anywhere else, concerning the most vital aspects of life.

Along with this intention to share the best that i had about livin' life in this world was the belief that these same issues were vital to the well being of the whole world, because it appeared to me that if things kept goin' like they were, we would be faced with the collapse of civilization, i.e. peak oil, climate change, over population, environmental destruction, corrupt governance and finanancial systems, war etc.

And finally, i felt a deep urgency that has been building up a lifetime, at least since 'bout age 14 when i pulled a small, slim volume of critique of jesus words in the bible off the family bookshelf. The book was a relic of some prior time when my step father attended classes at an episcopalian seminary.

What struck me about the book was the single message pounded home from the first to the last page 'bout jesus was just sayin' one thing - the kingdom of heaven is here now and what that implied for all of us here now. That was the first clue i had that there was a different understanding than the one that was prescribed by our culture.

That led me to Alan Watts, Osho, Krishnamurti and the whole gamut of '60's radical media. So in 1979 at age 20, head shaven with 3 months intense, drug free meditation (as i understood k to teach) i headed to Ojai with my buddy, and sat in the Oak Grove for two talks and one question and answer session, a saturday, sunday, and tuesday.

I was gonna describe the subjective experience of being in k's presence through those 3 sessions but i thinkin' better of it now. I will have to save that story for its own post in order to do it justice.

So, for the last 32 years i been slavin' in prison to provide for my family. Over the course of those years, it took me 24 to get the book in a shareable form, available online. But still, in 2003, i had not a clue about the nature of the internet. At no time did i do anything to actually "market" my book. I did buy a "marketing package" from authorhouse but it was a meaningless gesture.

7 years on i get this website october 2010 and i done spent a year still tryin' ta figure it out.

My intention from the first moment i decided to take on the phrase "incite planetary revolution" was, that "i", charles gary blair, could not possibly, credibly, promote that phrase. I decided, however fragile or nebulous it may be, i would create a character to utter that phrase outloud. But, then of course, the only material i had to create a character out of was my own consciousness.

The first name, syndax, comes out of like, a character named "Dax" on star trek, the rule of syntax, subject-verb-object being such a dominant factor in the structure of our thought, the prefix syn - with, along with, together ... at the same time - , but more even just the sound and spelling of it, rather alien. Same with the name, vuzz, sound and spelling and alien yeah but the wild, raw drive of Druillet's cartoon character would supply the spirit.

Anyway, that was more like just tryin' to create a media virus. The shell would be the character syndax vuzz while the infectious genetic material would be the actual content of the book. I believed a marketing gimmick would be necessary for me to get any attention at all.

I gonna cut the hype (except for my natural poetic tendencies) and keep the name and proceed with a new understanding.


So, yeah, i been 36 years in the workforce, a common laborer, isolated from the vast movement of life. Isolation grew organically out of the social machine of our civilization that i was born into. I forged my own chains with the material our culture provided me, broadcast television and public education.

When my indoctrination was complete after 12 years of public schools and i was let loose on the world i thought i was being freed ... come to find out my manacles were welded on, no key would free me, and i had been too lazy to forge many links, therefore my chain was short.

Half my life was spent forging chains and half was spent thinkin' my chains were umbilical cords, but the nutrition i need now, the corporate owned govornment police state slavemaster can't provide.

Now i pokin' my head out into the sunlight, kinda like wakin' up to the world 'round me, wakin' up to the truth of having lived a life enslaved in prison ... which leaves me with one objective, one mission, one truth - freedom by whatever means necessary.