not a new world order
but a whole new world

an end to the cause and effect semi-consciousness
that orders our society
and the emergence of a consciousness
of the wholeness of life


is enough
for all
of us

This is an unprecedented moment of human evolution.

the human being is out on the frontier
of the evolution of life 

the transformation occurring now
is as significant a step
in the course of evolution
as was the step
from primordial worm
to modern man

this is a step in the sequence of  
inanimate matter - animate matter - consciousness

from simple one celled organisms
to the systems of organs that create a human being
to the system of conscious humans that create a whole planetary community

we are only a half a moment away
from full consciousness
or death
whichever comes first

its coming about the same way
the universe and life have always evolved
as if the universe passionately desired
to achieve full consciousness

a large-scale, rapid, and spectacular expansion, outbreak, or upheaval
combined action or operation
interactions of descrete agencies (as industrial firms) or agents (as drugs) such that the total effect is greater
than the sum of the individual effects

An explosive synergism characterizes the present unprecedented planetary crisis.

the intelligence which informed the energy that guided matter through
space and time
to planet Earth is the same intelligence which brought us forth is the same
which is drawing out a full blown consciousness from the human brain 

The Principle of Polarity in the Evolution of Consciousness

- culture divides while technology unifies -

the self
as concepts of god and property
transmitted through cultural selection
divides the world

  The variety of clothing, hairstyle, persona, performance, food preparation, ritual, pastime, occupation, art, dance, music, knowledge, and spiritual expression - the whole of human culture  - is the very core and source of beauty and the best of human relationship. There is no awareness of beauty without contrast. Each cultural expression plays its own part. Each part has its own intrinsic value. Every facet of human expression fits the environment in which it originated like a key fits a lock - planet Earth and the whole of humanity. But at this point of human evolution, to identify oneself completely with any particular culture or environmental influence is to separate oneself from all others. To judge any fragment as being inherently better of worse is to create conflict.

It's as the technology created expanded population
the world over
and achieved instantaneous global communications
and cultural programming
has covered the surface of the Earth
intruding its influence into every corner of the globe
that each culture comes into contact
with all the others
and the fragmented self of our common mind
in every nation, of every religion, and all races
finds its boundaries closing in
becoming more definite, constraining, and in constant conflict
with the different aspects of itself
creating chaos in human relationship
and the shocking abuse of the environment
and the interrelatedness of all things
events, ideas, and people
becomes apparent
and central
to the perception
 of the human brain.


The Interrelatedness of All Things, People, Events, and Ideas

- a consciousness of the wholeness of life -

except for the apparent and utterly mysterious major discontinuities
in the evolution of the universe and life
(the big bang - replication) 
all that we observe can be traced through a cause and effect sequence
(at least to hear us tell it)
backward and forward in time

but what we are experiencing now has reached a level of complexity
that is essentially overwhelming the senses
as we approach another major discontinuity - full consciousness 
there are so many causes and effects acting on each other
from every angle intertwined with so many other causes and effects
that we finally realize tracing them to their origins
and determining their relationships
is meaningless 

when you're done you aint got nothin but a memory

- that's why intelligence demands simple observation -

Chaos In All Its Glory

  Dividing all the parts of the world and naming them and symbolozing processes and reactions and determining their relationships has gone about as far as it's gonna go within the constraints of self, god, and property. That type of semi-consciousness has created this world that's collapsing in on itself. It's just like Einstein said we can't solve our problems at the same level of consciousness that created them.
  As we have evolved we have altered our world. At first slowly, we produce small changes. Technique, beneficial and life enhancing, evolving from the observation of nature - agriculture - radically alters human society and initiates growth and alters the environment. New knowledge produces the technology of metal, again spurring growth and the exploitation of resources natural and human, affecting further our physical environment and our human relationships causing a need for new techniques which begin to radically influence all areas of life at an ever increasing scope of dimension and accelerating pace of change.
  Technology affects population affects technology causes assault on natural resources requires new technologies which in turn affects population and pollution and resources and every aspect of human relationship is under siege. 
  All these changes create waves of influence, the waves overlap, interference waves are created, events change more, unexpected consequences result, initiating further waves that alter the original events which produce new reactions that create new pressures that call forth new responses which have unforeseen effects on the initial causes. 
  This is the reflection of the functioning of the human brain, the manifestation of human behavior initiated by thought .... a deteriorating process of thought revealed by our electronic nervous system, that is the most blatant manifestation of our common mind. 

the only thought
that has any
absolute value
the only thought that is good
the only thought that is necessary
rational, logical, scientific
- that thought is aligned with intelligence -
the whole of technique

the thought that is not good
is the thought that is rooted in fear
- in concepts if god and property - 

seeking pleasure and avoiding pain
- our primitive self -
the self corrupts the use of our tools
- our technology -
and completely contaminates our environment
- natural, physical, social, psychological -
local and global

our rational thought has recently been short circuited through technology
- television -
mass global communications
controlled by the self of our common mind

so many simultaneous connections
are being made
without the proper preparations
and distributions of material and energy
that it appears the worlds fixin ta catch a fire

with gutenberg's invention the print media exercised the mind
and sharpened and clarified thought to the point of today's high tech world 

print media forced humans to sit still and quiet for long periods of time
the reader is disciplined
to discern and make discrete distinctons
simultaneously on different levels
from the actual form of print on paper
to remaining objective
to separate fact and logic from style and tone
to intuit the speakers attitude
and to test the truth or false
against one's own perception 

and television has eliminated all that

Conversation in a Room Full of Mirrors

in today's world
the purpose of the media
is to force a lie
aka advertising (bald faced lies)
and your local and world news (omission of significant facts and context lies)

unpleasant fact, thought, and emotion
is counteracted with image and sound
the symbolic outweighs the actual
- imagination replaces reality -

the revolution has not been televised
but every thought we think is

  Psychologists estimate a person thinks some 50,000 thoughts a day, the same one's over and over, day after day, with only the slightest of variations. The thoughts our common mind thinks are being pumped back at us relentlessly through the screens big and small - sit-coms, soaps, drama, adventure, horror, comedy, porn, nature, science, sports, music videos, hollywood movies, and infinite advertising.

the thought
that our common mind thinks
determines our behavior
both individual and collective
and our behavior determines
the quality of our life and world

there has been so much programming for so many years
we have been scraping the bottom of the barrel
- a barrel that is our brain turned inside out -
our common mind

the television has created for us
processes of thought
- paradigms and presuppositions -
that produce mass mental incoherence
and behavior
that is powerless
to effect positive change

information overload

the video screen provides
a non-stop parade of pictures
and silly slogans
that bear no relevance
to our daily life
- information we haven't asked for -
a series of flashing images bearing no relationship to each other
or anything else
but triggers in us the emotion we crave
in our passive existence
requiring no rational thought
- matter of fact -
the television requires we not be concerned or compassionate
that we make no connections or understand implications
that we have no sense of history
televisiion requires that the images that hypnotize
bear no relationship to our actual personal lives

and the sad fact is we accept this as a matter of course
we don't even see the danger of the trivial pursuit of the video screen
that dominates our culture


the original mass comunicators
had limited reach and a small audience
cave paintings, sculpture, music, dance
evolved into
the display of the persona
the impetus of Gutenberg
and the demand for image consultants

the initiators of glorious innocence
- the whole of art -
the spirit of god acting through man
putting everyhing in order and in its proper place
- so intoxicated by the truth of existence -
have evolved into today's mass communicators
to whom only image is all
insight ignored
emotion glorified
and actual utility has become secondary
appearance more valuable than substance
and the corpses that implies

  It is no longer a matter of the perception of truth being communicated from sender to receiver - individual to individual, individual to group, and back again - it is now a matter of emotion, pleasure, and pain being communicated. At the dawn of civilization the receiver slowly, tentatively, absorbed the information that improved life - culture - and each generation of artists and craftsmen and observers of the world made improvements and passed them on - until today - we have created a synergistically strange feedback loop where there is an almost immediate and constant interaction between sender and receiver - sender influences receiver and at the very same time the receiver is reaching out to influence the sender in ever tighter loops producing a self contained resonance that threatens to shatter the natural and social environment.
  Human behavior has become increasingly absurd - an absurdity that borders on the pathological. The process has been so insidious and incestuous that the radically deviant personalities, right along with the so-called morally acceptable and socially repectable preachers, politicians, ceo's, managers, and other white collar criminals feel compelled to commit scandals and crimes both petty and atrocious, public and private, to insinuate themselves into our consciousness, either directly or indirectly. They feel it is the only way to transform their petty existence - nothing is real til it's been televised - the same means and motivation as the terrorist.
  We cause them to act out, through our own sick need to be entertained. We seek a violent stimulus to arouse our jaded senses. 

    The alienated personality - an alienation born of woman's and man's separation from the land and their separation from the product of their craft with the division of labor of the industrial revolution and separation from their neighbors and their community in the urban jungle and now the separation from their thought and perception being done by computers and television - pervades our society.

  The self of our common mind, fragmented, seeks integration.

the breakdown of the boundaries
- the barriers that separate us -
are the birth pains
of a revolution in progress

the interrelatedness of all things
is in our face
forcing us to confront the facts
and participate in a large scale integration


we have spent the evolution of a species
first observing a whole world
then breaking it down
smaller and smaller
naming each part
tracing its origin
and noting its cause and effect relationships
as best we can

and you see what we have created

the process has allowed us previously unimagined feats of power 
- the process of thought -

but it has been at a cost we have yet to face
- death -

we have faced outwardly for so long that we have forgotten
 - the face of god -

and she demands to be seen

images, memory, neural firing patterns in the human brain order our
inward symbols exclude outward actuality
creating deep division and blindness
- demanding only one action -
see the whole world
- undivided -
that's what love is

and that's freedom from slavery
and rather than being a slave to the power that rules the Earth
- the self -
the whole process of thought
- our common mind -
that power becomes slave to us serving quickly and efficiently our every need