the indivisible whole

the creation of the one world
occurring now
- large scale integration -
is fixin ta produce
a major shock wave
through our home and family
body and mind
- the one we all share -
as the self lays down to die
- that's me - 

the me sitting here now
the me that's hardwired into every human brain
the me that is violence
- the me that fears death -
the violence that is the dominating factor in human relationship
where money is the medium
and television the principle tool 

it goes somethin like this here
the world is a being that consists of competing systems of power structures
that are composed of organizations of groups and individuals 

the world is not at ease with itself
a being that is diseased
and divided

and like all life forms
the world has a built in defense mechanism
- an immune system -
that kicks in naturally
to direct the energy and resources of the organism to promote health

the whole world acting as one
- a large scale integration -
that's what the present circumstances demand

the creation of a new being
another dimension of energy/matter in space/time
the next continuum of consciousness

the one world immune system
the mechanism for health
- large scale integration -
that's like where the big fish eat the little fish
right on up to the top of the food chain
where the biggest depends on the smallest
ya know, like
the whale eats the plankton

the systems that determine our lives
the power structures we depend on for survival
national, religious, economic, industrial, etc.
in their turn depend on the mass of little people for their survival
if the regular folks are diminished or hurt or weak or diseased
then it affects the largest power structures
- just wait and see -

that's why the laborer demands an immediate reckoning
and that reckoning occurs simply as seeing 'what is' 
all boundaries and division
- inward and outward -
between and within people
are man made
created and preserved
by the self
- our common mind fragmented -

large scale integration removes barriers, ends conflict and competition
by revealing through technological and organizational processes
that we are all working together
the same way for the same goals
it's the scientific, technological thought
- the whole of technique -
that is our common ground
regardless of politics, ideology, religion, or national division
the same technological procedures
apply to our human needs the world over

the successful systems in today's world
are setting aside the market mechanism
and using technique to control
not only material resources and their uses
but also to control prices and individual economic behavior
the problem with this is that it's strictly in the service of big money
- that's where the power is -
and relegates the role of the individual
to what is, essentially, slavery

big business is involved with government
government is involved with lawyers
lawyers are involved with big business
big money is involved with it all

laborers depend on big business
big business depends on wall street
- capital -
and madison avenue
- media -
(the manipulation of the masses)
and consumers who are 90% laborers

big money depends on
mass consuming tax payers
and cheap labor

government mandates education
education mandates social structure
social structure mandates human value
and so-called morality
and the most respectable
and socially acceptable
is big money

lawyers unify big business
big business breaks unions
forms new alliances
and temporary employment agencies

government mandates education
big business intrudes on education
big business and government intrude on third world nations
through greed for cheap labor and natural resources
and big money is the means and motivation

and the laborers are losin out 

and laborers are taxed by government
and charged by big business
and molded by education
and exploited by lawyers
and looked down upon by social services
and pressured by health care 

the boundaries of big business have expanded exponentially
encompassing nations at every level of government
reaching in and manipulating the core of our existence
through every avenue of human relationship
with police, politicians, preachers, educators, and marketing experts
all in the mix
and the technology of television

  Corporate and government forces nurture profit at the expense of human life - as if it were right and education takes place without consulting the parent. That's how children are taught to acccept as normal exploitation, ignorance, and butality - so that when they begin to struggle with their own self reliance they will accept without question their own slavery to the force of evil that rules the world. The primary tool used to keep the people down is debt bondage.
  The pay we recieve as laborers steadily diminishes in proportion to the price we have to pay to live and support our families with housing, food, clothes, utilities, insurance, and transportation. Our employment opportunities have become steadily fewer. The job market is described as it has been recenly designed - temporary - to satisfy big business' greed for cheap labor. The temporary employment service represents the most atrocious crime of all - slavery.
  The growth of the temporary employment agencies and the experience of working for them is a book in itself. You can't imagine it. Number one, if you need immediate employment you have few choices - one of the forty temp services in town gonna put you to work. That is the one and only positive benefit for the laborer. Going out on the job and depending on the temp service for your livelihood is another matter. You do the same job as the permanent employees and receive dollars less per hour and no benefits. You are not guaranteed a permanent job. Temporary assignments can last years or you may spend years trying too luck on to a job compatible with your abilities. And ya gotta accept what they give ya cause it's the only game in town. Unless you got the time and resources to submit applications and resumes and sit and wait for someone to call, someone who probably already got plenty temps already workin and you better have a helluva experience and references to beat em out. I have seen that take years too. But, whatever, your needs and concerns are not factors in the equation that results in employment. Ya just gotta scuffle for the scraps.

until the head
- big money -
feels the pain
of its body
- laborers -
and accounts in its plan of expansion
for the integration of the individual
it's gonna get awful hard to breathe
and the blood circulating to the brain
is gonna get cut off
our one world
- the whole body/mind/environment -
will fail


 rational thought arises naturally, spontaneously out of observation
the clearer the perception, the more scientific the thought that arises

our mass communication is a manifestation of our common consciousness
our mass communication, media of every form, is a reflection of ourselves
the images the media presents are a mass of contradiction
- hollywood fantasy, advertising, prominent personalities, news of the world
especially the third world characterized by starvation and war -
and what is of significance is trivialized and what is trivial is glorified

- to stare stupidly -
it aint perception - it aint observation

the media is a reflection of ourselves
we have cultivated a gawker mentality
all we wanna focus on is sex, violence, and scandal
the absurd human behavior and the gawker mentality feed on each other
- the more we gawk the more we have to gawk at -
we appear to create media events
- war, crime, and violence -
to trigger our emotion
but when it comes to lookin at ourselves
and lookin at ourselves in the world
we're like the ostrich stickin its hesd in the sand
and while our head is buried
our ass shinin in the sun
and the lion creepin up from behind
maybe that's givin god something to gawk at

and that's kinda sad
that one of the major aspects of culture that we share globally
is the media/gawker polarity
- but there is a seed of beauty there -
it's that we may use our electronic nervous system to saturate our common mind
with a message of love