Boot Camp


Discipline and training. Only the most basic. It begins and ends here. This is all you need. This is the origin. This is the source.

When you open to the source, you allow that energy into the world, your life is infinite potential.

Attention. Look. See. Listen. Hear. Be here now. Its basic training. Focus on the physical, the complete body/mind. Erect your posture. Breathe deep, in through the nose. Exhale completely. Tighten your abs. Unfold your entire sensory system, eyes, ears, nose and nasal cavities, mouth, tongue and throat, the entire surface of your skin, your musculature and bone structure.

Unfold the totality of your neurophysical sensory system to maximum silent intensity.

Observe with your whole sensory apparatus outwardly. Close your eyes and move inward. Observe the whole within.

There. Thats all. The end. Live.

If challenges, difficulties, or unconsciousness occur - return to the source. Attention.