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strength or energy ... brought to bear: cause of motion or change: active power - moral or mental strength - capacity to persuade or convince - an individual or group having the power of effective action - to compel by physical, moral, or intellectual means - to make or cause through natural or logical necessity

The Utility of Force

The following are quotes from General Rupert Smith's "The Utility of Force - The Art of War in the Modern World".

"War no longer exists.

Confrontation, conflict and combat undoubtedly exist all around the world ...

... war as a battle in a field between men and machinary, war as a massive deciding event in a dispute in international affairs: such war no longer exists.

It is now time to recognize that a paradigm shift in war has undoubtedly occurred: from armies with comparable forces doing battle on a field to strategic confrontation between a range of combatants, not all of which are armies, and using different types of weapons, often improvised. The old paradigm was that of interstate industrial war. The new one is the paradigm of war amongst the people ...

War amongst the people is both a graphic description of modern warlike situations, and also a conceptual framework: it reflects the hard fact that there is no secluded battlefield upon which armies engage, nor are there necessarily armies, definitely not on all sides.

War amongst the people is different: it is the reality in which the people in the streets and houses and fields-all the people, anywhere-are the battlefield."

Thank you General Smith.

Soul Force

Here some links for this idea:

Swaraj: A Deeper Freedom 

Soul Force and the Occupy Movement

The Mysterious Power of Non-Violence


Star Wars Force

Its the idea of a lifeforce that animates everything in the universe, from the cosmos to our dna, that sensitivity to it can be increased and that it can be developed and used by human beings.

The star wars film saga tried to explain the force as a function of 'midi-chlorians'.

The wikipedia article states star wars "Creator George Lucas says that the midi-chlorians are based on endosymbiotic theory.


Here is some thought on how the star wars 'force' relates to our world:

Midi-Chlorians and Mitochondria, a Comparison 

Here is a wide ranging splatter of micro-info with clues for different directions of research. Of course understanding the general principles of cell biology and evolution in general is life enhancining.

But after all that, the original and best explanation of the force comes from the first star wars movie. It is the mystical assertion that "... the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. Its an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together ... a Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him."

That just makes intuitive sense, i mean, i get that, without any 'scientific' explanation. Its just another way of talkin' 'bout the essence of the life and the universe - what man been tryin' ta figure since the beginning of time.

The first thing that pops in my mind 'bout this 'Force' is David Bohm's Plenum and Zero Point Energy.

We do live in unprecedented times, there are new scientific understandings flowering all around us.

This next video samples a wide range of scientific thought and ideas that are now connecting our global brain. Its a super excellent presentation to get familiar with the substance of the universe. And it conveys a powerful sense of what the Force may actually be.

While the artistic quality doesn't achieve the level of Athene's 'God is in the Neurons', it is high quality and presents clearly and  coherentlly  relevant information. Plus its brevity makes it easy to digest. Double plus it points back to the 'soul force' touched on earlier in this article.

From Sacred Sarrah

Zero Point is also known as Vacuum State. Here is a Tibetan Buddhist view:Vacuum States of Consciousness.

This whole Zero Point Field is one deep rabbit hole. Lookin' 'round, this DOCUMENT, prepared for the president and congress by the Orion Project, jumped out at me. Regardless of the crediblility of the memo, it resonates profoundly with the zeitgeist.

Oh yeah, well hell, the reason why the document resonates is 'cause of the highly credible article i read a couple weeks ago at cryptogon 'bout MIT and Cold Fusion energy technology being suppressed for all the usual reasons, money and power, which was documented by Eugene Mallove, who was later murdered.

On that note, let's take a break and consider the whole star wars mythos i got from Quantum Leap 365:


From the website of Philip Coppens -  Star Wars: Beyond the Force