say wha?

We share a common mind

We share a common mind just as surely as the brains encased within our skulls are of the same nature, perform the same function, and share the same origin.

I tell you we share a common mind just as surely as our hands connect to our arms my mind is connected to yours and yours to everybody else and theirs to mine.

We share a common mind outwardly as our high tech communications system and inwardly we are connected via a dimension which transcends this spacetime continuum - death.

That is - the " self " , as thought, may die while the body\ mind still vitally vibrantly alive.

Thought is a replicator

Human beings are the building blocks thought uses to perpetuate itself the same way DNA uses amino acids and nucleotides - it builds structures which compete - at this time human beings are the dominant DNA based structures and the dominant replications of thought - god, property, and the " self " - have created corporations, govornments, and organized religions.

 And now its doin' its best to create silicon and steel structures, machines, not subject to the law of death.