The Matrix

The word matrix comes from the latin word for womb ...

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The following is a quote from "Matrix Warrior" by Jake Horsley:

"... three basic facts ... :

1) This world is a prison, a dream world woven out of our own thoughts, dreams, fears, and desires, in order to blind us to the truth of ourselves.

2) We are slaves. We have no more say in our choices, our lives, and our destinies, than does cattle that is herded, or chickens in their coop. We are at mercy to forces we cannot even begin to comprehend, forces that definitely do not have our welfare at heart.

3) Humanity is a food source, and the world as we know it is simply the elaborate, intricate mechanism by which we are distracted from this fact: that the world is a farm, and we are the livestock. All our dreams then, are dreams of meat, on its way to being eaten."

And i will add to that, from a source i don't remember but the phrase is memorable, 'we are a food source for inorganic beings'.

I have been so deeply impressed by the book "Matrix Warrior - Being the One" by Jake Horsley that when i hear the word, matrix, i relate it to the insights provided by the book. Horsley also has a related essay - "Gnosticism Reborn - The Matrix as Shamanic Journey" that is well worth a read.

Emergent Culture has an excellent matrix related article and much more.

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The Animatrix is an extension and exploration of the matrix mythos. Here is a preview i got off youtube.