How to

No Way

There is no formula, plan, or instructions for creating a new world, for inciting a revolution, or for healing the worlds ills. Just like there is no particular, certain cure for an individual's personal or public problems. If it was that simple or that easy it woulda done been wrote down, passed around and all problems solved. No, the truth is, the solution is in the livin' moment - thats where its found and implemented.

One Way

There is only one answer and its totally simple and effortless, accessible to all here and now, right there - behind yo eyes. Look outward to the cosmos, look inward to the quantum realm, look at yo body\mind, look at yo environment, yo home, yo community, use all yo senses - touch, taste, smell, vision, hearing - don't think about it, just look - where does all that come together? Its all right there behind yo eyes.

All One - Alone

Each individual (means undivided) is the answer. So its all our actions together. We share a common mind. We look, we learn, we do. We share the world. We explore, we examine, we experiment. I doin' a part here now askin' you ta help. I gonna share every possible thing i can, i gonna throw it out there and see what sticks. You look and see what appears credible and do what you do.

you and i

Factors of influence that determine our lives, our world, have to be seen and understood - in order that we may confront them and free ouselves, allowing us to create a good society - rather than be used as slaves by the ruling elite and their minions.

Attention comes first. That is the source of seeing and understanding. The most potent factors of influence in our face now are shock and force. As they stand now they are like the utility poles and wires that surround and intertwine the urban environment and remain unnoticed - accepted as a necessary part of the cityscape. But whereas powerlines are vital - shock and force are destructive and the source of our deteriorating civilization.

But in the creation of the new world the materials at hand are all we have to use - and thats good. They in place here and now - useful, functional - its up to us to put them to a better use - a healing, sustaining, sheltering school of new livin'. Same with the energies and mechanisms used to control us - laws, taxes, economic policies and structures - its on us to use principles like those used in the martial arts to harness and redirect the forces and processes in place that are being used against us.