Incite Planetary Revolution

Incite Planetary Revolution
by  Syndax Vuzz


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The idea for this book came together after years of intense study of psychological and social revolution -in literature and in the daily struggle to survive and provide for the family at the lowest strata of society as an unskilled laborer.

Upon encountering the phrase "planetary revolution" in a newspaper article concerning the WorldWatch Institute's annual report on the state of the globe in the late '80's, a lightning bolt flash of insight burned itself into the authors brain.

This book is the result. It weaves together the various threads of life's evolution- biological, psychological, technological and social- to introduce a new vision of human life on planet earth, a vision that promotes what is right and what is of the highest value.

sunday october 9, 2011 - 11:45 pm

Well, hell. It took me damn near 25 years to find out there were thousands upon thousands upon thousands folks already been thinkin' like me. No, i mean not just thinkin' along the same lines, but actually been out there years already creatin' a new world. Seriously, its like a burden been lifted off me. I don't feel so alone and overwhelmed. I feel energized to see what i can do.

I haven't given up on posting my whole book right here, its comin'.

sunday october 31, 2011 - 1:30 am

Ok. As soon as i came across the phrase "planetary revolution" i felt the need to make it my own, to consider what it may actually mean, and to broadcast that message. But, wow, who was i to do such a thing? I sensed that the significance of meaning would stand on its own regardless of who voiced it. Obviously, on a planetary scale of influence "i" was less than zero.

Also, i thought it may be good that a nobody from nowhere could promote the idea, thereby making it a product of the common man, that the concept of planetery revolution be here now ready and available for the least among us to use as a major motivating factor of change, to be seen as a necessity for all human beings.

It wasn't about "selling" a book, it was more about consolidating my own understanding in one place in a form that i could pass on to my children and also a public document that demonstrated my basic state of mind during the time i was raising my children.

I had to reach deep down inside myself to find what i could articulate concerning the essence of what is best in life, in this world, this civilization, this slave prison that i had introduced to 2 new, unblemished human beings.