To let do or happen: permit

This whole movement, life, the universe, appears to move in a direction as if there were a purpose or goal. Just because we may not be able to state exactly in human terms what that purpose is doesn't change the facts. We can see evolution plainly. It is the driver of everything, not just the big picture but all through the particulars of what we can observe. If the body is diseased or injured it naturally invokes processes to heal. When we look at the world our brain invokes processes of understanding or control. We all move towards improvement of the moment and of the long term.

Restricting this movement is the creation of problems, ill health, and waste. Restriction is fear. not allowing the whole movement to be. The self, as in me, myself and i, is the psychological manifestation of the fear of death.

The self is the original second order replicator, born of fear, the primal meme. It moved the biological processes of life (the ones that ultimately lead to death) into the psychological arena. From there it has spent ten thousand years harnessing all the material and energy of the planet - mineral, plant, animal, and human - in an effort to do one thing that is absolutely impossible - avoid death. The self of our common mind been struggling against the flow of the universe, the result being that it is guaranteeing as best it can the opposite of its apparent goal - the death of the human being.

And, as i assert in my book, that which we refuse to look at inwardly forces itself into our conciousness outwardly, the present state of civilization. Ergo, the inward is primary. When we see the simple scientific truth of human life in the universe - that perception will act, will allow evolution.