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This website is about one thing - Creating a new human life, personally and globally. There is no choice. Our families, communities, our planet demands a radical human revolution. When we become aware of the facts, we have to do the right thing. As a human being enslaved in prison i have no choice but to dedicate my life to freedom and the attendant responsibility.

Its about one thing - that which is of highest value - a quality of mind - a self aware global consciousness. The right thing to do is right for the individual and for the community. The right thing to do is right for the immediate and for the long term.

The right thing to do is live with the understanding that our life and our world is a creation of our mind. Our mind determines our actions and our actions produce the civilization that is our home. And its plain to see, the house burnin' down.

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It all starts in the brain ...

Not with a certain thought or a particular idea or technology or philosophy ... if it were that easy then the world wouldn't need changin'.

It starts in the brain ...

Not with a thought or image, but with an open, free mind ... an awareness here now of everything 'round ya, but primarily with how your own brain functions ... observe it in action ... without fear or judgement.

Your mind is already creating your life experience ... but its runnin' the programs that were installed by society - programs that were written by the western power structure ... the western power structure runnin' the whole world into the ground for its own fun and profit ... so whadda ya think its gonna do with your life if you let it?

The foundation and structure and flow of yo life is a function or your mind. Just like the body goes to work healing an injury or wound or disease without a single thought from your "self", the brain is already geared up to create the best life possible ... it naturally directs the flow of your life energy in the right direction ... when you stop runnin' the old programs.

It all starts in the brain ...

Of course, yes, its also runnin' up and down yo spine, mainly from the bottom straight up ... fully erecting your posture and at the same time its suckin' in yo gut and its flinging your hearing and sight outward to the furthest reaches ... stilling yo tongue with a deep abdomen inward breath ... fully exhaled ... yo sound and vision centering in the back of your brain ... signaling ...

the world, everything you need for everybody everyday. The only way to get it is to give it all up.

Ok. Just be wholly conscious. Now. The way it works is how the brain works.

"Don't just survive. Thrive!"

So the only move to make ... the only thing that needs to be done ... the only thing that must be done ... is free your mind.

It starts in the brain ...

Allow optimum functionality by observing and paying attention. Thats all.

Don't let your "self" get involved. Your "self" is what fucks things up. Just allow your brain, your whole body/mind to operate and perform freely.

... and if ya just gotta reference thought ... apply the scientific method ...

I been at this a year as of october 14, 2010. So i be a slow learner, hesitant, but not givin' up.

Athene's 'God is in the Neurons' states that it is free to share and use. The particular quality of this work of art is understated and restrained but signaling great depth and immediate relevance.

The video appears to me to be quite credible. In fact, the first 3 minutes state an understanding that is vital to human life. The brain has the ability to learn and become increasingly self aware. This is perhaps the single most important fact regarding our ability stop the madness that is controlling our world.

Being self aware is all that is necessary. When you can simply see yourself in the mirror of human relationship then right action will follow, you want for the other what you want for yourself and the other in turn does the same.


[text of the first three minutes.]

"God is in the Neurons

The human brain is a network of approximately 100 billion neurons. Different experiences create different neural connections which bring about different emotions and depending on which neurons get stimulated, certain connections become stronger and more efficient, while others may become weaker.

This is what is called neuroplasticity. Someone who trains to be a musician will create stronger neural connections that link the two himispheres of the brain in order to be musically creative.

Virtually any sort of talent or skill can be created through training. Rudiger Gamm, who was a self admitted 'hopeless student' used to fail at basic maths and went on to train his abilities and became a famous human calculator capable of performing extremely complex mathmatics.

Rationality and emotional resilience work the same way. These are nerual connections that can be strengthened. Whatever you are doing at any time, you are physically modifying your brain to become better at it. Since this is such a foundational mechanism of the brain, being self aware can greatly enrich our life experience."]

Besides the necessity of becoming increasingly aware of how the "self" operates, the video introduces two other essential concepts - neuroplasticity and resilience - along with emotional resilience we want to create community resilience

OK. So far the emphasis is on being aware of the fact that we are built, genetically, physiologically, and psychologically, to live in a constant state of learning and improving our life functions and that we can develop these natural structures consciously. But without self-awareness the programs of our cilvilization,based on fear and greed, will reinforce themselves and drive our behaviour. Athene's video displays some of the major mechanisms that perpetuate our culture of destruction. Again, i quote the video:

"Part 1. Social Neuroscience

Specific neurons and neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine, trigger a defensive state when we feel that our thoughts have to be protected from the influence of others.

If we are then confronted with differences of opinion, the chemicals that are released in the brain are the same ones that try to ensure our survival in dangerous situations.

In this defensive state, the more primitive part of the brain interferes with rational thinking and the limbic system can knock out most of our working memory, physically causing narrow mindedness.

We see this in the politics of fear, in the strategy of poker players or simply when someone is stubborn in a discussion.

No matter how valuable an idea is, the brain has trouble processing it when it is in such a state.

On a neural level, it reacts as if we're being threatened, even if this threat comes from harmless opinions or facts that we may otherwise find helpfull and could rationally agree with.

But when we express ourselves and our views are appreciated, these "defense chemicals" decrease in the brain and dopamine neurotransmission activates the reward neurons, making us feel empowered and increasing our self-esteem. Our beliefs have a profound impact on our body chemistry, this is why placebos can be so effective.

Self esteem or self belief is closely linked to the neurotransmitter serotonin. When the lack of it takes on severe proportions, it often leads to depression, self-destructive behaviour or even suicide.

Social validation increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain and allows us to let go of emotional fixations and become sef-aware more easily."


Ok. Now. We are seein' not only, how the individual brain functions, but even more significantly, how our individual brains work together. Really, brain function only begins to take on real meaning in relation to the environment and the most significant aspect of the environment is other human beings. Plus, emphasis on self-awareness takes on an added dimension when we consider who or what the "self" may be. Is there any fundamental difference between my "self" and your "self"? More from Athene's vid.

"Part 2. Mirror Neurons and Consciousness

Social psychology often looks at the basic human need to fit in and calls this the 'normative social influence'.

When we grow up, our moral and ethical compass is allmost entirely forged by our environment, so our actions are often a result of the validation we get from society.

But new developments in neuroscience are giving us a better understanding of culture and identity.

Recent neuralogical research has confirmed the exitence of empathetic mirror neurons.

When we experience an emotion or perform an action, specific neurons fire. But when we observe someone else performing this action or when we imagine it, many of the same neurons will fire again, as if we were performing the action ourselves.

These empathy neurons connect us to other people, allowing us to feel what others feel. And since these neurons respond to our imagination, we can experience emotional feedback from them as if it came from someone else.

This system is what allows us to self reflect. 'The mirror neuron does not know the difference between it and others and is the reason why we are so dependent on social validation and why we want to fit in.' - V.S. Ramachandran.

We are in a constant state of duality between how we see ourselves and how others see us. This can result in confusion in terms of identity and self esteem. And brain scans show that we experience these negative emotions even before we are aware of them.

But when we are self-aware we can alter misplaced emotions because we can control the thoughts that cause them. This is a neurochmical consequence of how memories become labile when retrieved and how they are restored through protein synthesis.

Self observing profoundly changes the way our brain works. It activates the neo-cortical regions, which gives us an incredible amount of control over our feelings.

Every time we do this, our rationality and emotional resilience are strengthened."

i sharin' Athene's info 'cause it just seems one of those more rare, higher quality efforts to convey some vitally necessary understanding in an engaging way. It is worth the study, for both its perfections and its flaws. Keep in mind there are other sides or components to every view, neuroplasticity,  social validation, and at the end of this article on mirror neurons V.S.R. "preaches the gospel of mirror neruons".

We have what appears to be a mind that resembles the 'triune brain', a 'knowing' or human structure on top of a 'feeling' or animal structure on top of a 'survival' or lizard structure. At certain levels of our existence we are living each moment on each of these levels.

The brain, the space behind the eyes, functions as a locus of information, 'all' information in one space. A space structured by the evolution of the universe to maintain itself and reproduce and to function in perpetual learning mode from observing and mimicking (taking in and reflecting light) ourselves.

We are not autonomous agents. We are driven by a universal force that determines the form and mechanics of life. We are machines driven. We are structurally purposed by a structured universe to create new structures to serve one purpose - see the light - in the mirror of human relationship.

The brain was designed and created to work in perfect harmony with the environment. Yet the world of man's creation seems to be falling apart. Why do we appear to be caught in a trap of mass cognitive dissonance? Maybe its just growing pains.

In the deep embedded structures of our mind we know something is terribly wrong, 'cause we see it all around us. But the big powerful structures that allow us to survive - banks, corporations, and govornments - not only are not meeting our needs, they don't even seem to notice, much less care about the present crisis.

The dominant messages from the corporate owned public education, mass media, and govornment authorities are not making sense relative to all our immediate concerns and they act as if there were no such thing as a long term view that takes into account our children and grandchildren.

The tools of social control - perception management, engineered consent, the shock doctrine - to name a few, are losing their power.


"How little we know about ourselves. We seem to know so much about other things, the distance to the moon, the atmosphere of venus, how to put together the most extraordinary and complicated electronic brains, to break up the atoms and the minutest particle of matter. But we know so little about ourselves. To go to the moon is far more exciting than to go into ourselves; perhaps one is lazy or frightened, or its not profitable, in the sense of money or success, to go into ourselves. Its a much longer journey than to go to the moon; no machines are available to take this journey and no one can help, no book, no theories, no guide. You have to do it yourself. You have to have much more energy than in inventing or putting together parts of a vast machine. You cannot get this energy through any drug, through any interaction of relationship nor through control, denial. No gods, rituals, beliefs, prayers can give it to you. On the contrary, in the very act of putting these aside, in being aware of their significance, that energy comes to penetrate into consciousness and beyond.

You can't buy that energy through accumulating knowledge about yourself. Every form of accumulation and the attachment to it, diminishes and perverts that energy. Knowledge about yourself binds, weighs, ties you down; there's no freedom to move, and you act and move within the limits of that knowledge. Learning about yourself is never the same as accumulating knowledge about yourself. Learning is active present and knowledge is the past; if you are learning in order to accumulate, it ceases to be learning; knowledge is static, more can be added to it or taken away from it, but learning is active, nothing can be added or taken away from it for there is no accumulation at any time. Knowledge is finite, and learning, knowing, is infinite" - Krishnamurti