ya know
what I'm fixin ta tell ya
makes me feel
... well ...
- sick -
I guess

... well ...
it's like revealin
a deep secret of shame
- not one I been keepin in my closet -
but one I seen in yours

  What makes me sick is that I see you forgot it's there. Now don't get me wrong. I understand. If I had that in my closet, I'd spend lifetimes through generations denying it or blaming you for it, too - But I aint the one.

even though
I see
you think
you're ok with me
and I don't want to bust yo bubble
- really I do -

try this one on for size
you have no idea
the magnitude
of the god awful righteous hatred
that I
carry in my soul
for you
it would burn down yo house
with you and yo family
in it

and the fear
that my woman feels
for the health and safety and future
of her children

 - yeah -
I know
ya wanna blame me
ya think
ya god
or somethin 
only god
creates a world
of humans
then steps back
and judges them
according to the decisions they make
regardless of the circumstances
over which they have no control
then rewards them
with heaven or hell

or it that a god you made up
to try and trick me
- whatever -
I don't give a damn!
you know it
- hell -
I'll tell ya this here too
- yeah -
you created me
I'm sorry that sticks in yo craw
- not! -
ya brought me here
through my ancestors
who ya brutalized
the point of human recognition
and we survived
and endured
unto a strength
beyond your comprehension
we have survived whole
as a good and decent people
who want only
the same as you
- we deserve more - 

- yeah -
there's a growing number of us
who are actually beginning
to absolutely refuse
to accept the injustice
any longer
- in  the street, schools, jobs, business, and govornment -
- fuck it -
as the truth becomes
more public knowledge
a critical mass will be achieved 
and there's gonna be
an ear piercing
metallic scream 
and a great grinding of gears
and the machine
of a corrupt society
gonna come to a screechin halt

- yeah -
you created me
with your global order
- vietnam, kuwait, panama, somalia -
you pumped me up
with glorious images
of the godfather, dirty harry, rambo
and television all day long
ya taught me
how easy it is
to shoot a gun
- hell yeah -
I'm gonna cop an attitiude
of fierce aggression
- back off muthafucka -
I'm gonna have
what society values
- fuck you -
I'm gonna have
cars, clothes, jewelry
electronic equipment
by whatever means necessary

ya aint gonna dis me 
and ya think
I'm gonna
flip burgers
or stack boxes
or clean up yo yard
- I don't think so -
but if I do
come do any of that
or build yo cars
or roads
for a minute
don't think
I'm gonna 
bust my ass
- cause I aint  -

maybe 50%
I figure
puttin out
bout 50%
stay on the job
a few days
- whatever -
you can bust yo ass
if ya wanna
- I'll watch -
I don't see why
I should bust my ass
just to make
some rich folks richer
and they just tear me off
a little bit
the smallest
they think
they can get away with

- nah -
go on ahead
I say
fuck the team
I aint
on yo team
put to the test
- whose side -
ya gonna take
team leader
- master -
- slave -

yeah that's right
you made me
so here I am
in yo face
you showed me
how to make some money
who my real friends are
how to gain respect
how to feel good about myself
how to organize
and fight to the death
for colors
whether they be
red, white, blue, or black
take yer pick
- we're out here doin it -
we're the front line soldiers
wagin a war
that's creepin right on up to yo do' step
and ya act like ya don' even see it comin

out on the inner urban frontier
the youth of today
are the heirs
to generations
and hundreds of years
of violence
pain and sorrow
they are the ones
who are acting out
the fears and frustrations
of a million
tortured souls
- yeah -
it's true
when you look
at your children
you are looking
into your own soul

so whose side ya gonna take?
master of slave

Genuflection for Fun and Profit
The Desire to Kow Tow is the Personification of Evil

- cause you're givin over your responsibility for yourself to someone else -

- genuflect -
to be servilely obedient or respectful
- kow tow -
to kneel and touch the forehead to the ground in ... worship
- overseer -
- supervisor -
an administrative officer in charge of business, government, school unit or operation 

that's where the line is drawn
that's where you and your master meet face to face
- the the demon's minions -